2021 Agenda


8 APRIL 2021 | Live and Online

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Ruth Gertler

Exec Director Learning, Change Et Al

9:15 am

Reshaping learning strategies for a post-Covid-19 era

As we continue to adapt new ways of working, organisations are focusing on delivering effective and engaging learning experiences in the ‘new normal.’ How can we plan and deliver successful learning experiences for a hybrid workforce?

  • Leveraging technology for learning in the new digital workforce
  • Identifying and implementing virtual learning opportunities
  • Creating a culture of coaching and support for a diverse and remote workforce
Manavi Baveja

Global Head - Organisation Development, Uber

9:50 am

The managers guide to a collaborative learning culture

Many organisations say they want to create a learning culture, but few have one and even fewer know what makes up a true learning culture. Learning is happening all the time from a variety of sources, and the most successful learning organisations are adjusting their strategy and approaches, balancing content, experiences and application.  

  • Selecting a variety of content that is accessible and engaging  
  • Creating a learning experience for a diverse workforce  
  • Providing a customised learning experience to support engagement and performance 
Jon Rivas

Client Engagement Partner, Degreed

10:20 am
10:25 am

PANEL: Choosing the right learning technology for your organisation

Technology continues to transform the way we learn. Employers now have access to a huge number of learning and development tech solutions, from enterprise level platforms to agile and personalised mobile apps. Which tech solution is right for your workforce?

  • How to align your technology platforms with your strategy and culture
  • Elements of a successful Learning Management System
  • Evaluating new tech: social learning, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
  • Ensuring your learning platform selection provides a positive return on investment
  • Analysing current trends and the best learning platform for your organisation


Ruth Gertler

Exec Director Learning, Change Et Al


Peter Attfield

Chief Talent & Learning Officer, Jardine Matheson

Ariel Woo

Regional Head of People COE, Asia Pacific, Allianz

A-Young Kim

Head, Learning and Development, Grab

11:05 am

Workshop: Measuring L&D effectiveness and sustaining impact

One of the biggest challenges in L&D is to measure the impact of learning initiatives and sustain the efforts. This workshop will share practical frameworks on how to measure learning to implement change that is sustainable and effective to progress the L&D function.

Kanika Sagar

Learning & Development Consultant,

11:25 am

Workshop: Making the 70 in 70:20:10 work – creating a compelling context for development

The value and impact of the 20 and 10 come from the 70, however, activating the 70 has remained a challenge for most organisations. So, what exactly can the L&D team do to activate the 70 at scale in their organisation? This workshop will cover three practical tips.

Dehumo Bickersteth

Owner & Principal Consultant, DTB Services Singapore

12:00 pm

CASE STUDY: Developing impactful hiring and L&D initiatives during recovery

Many organisations are continuously navigating through disruption in their business operations, with reskilling and upskilling the workforce as an essential part of their recovery. How can companies make impactful hiring and learning & development practices during this time of immense change?

  • Major events in 2020 affecting hiring and learning and development
  • Driving people-centric learning and skill development
  • Crisis leadership learning and development
  • Building digital fluency
Shree Mogan

Chief People Officer, Flow

12:30 pm
12:35 pm

PANEL: Using a data-driven approach to learning strategies

Now more than ever before, data can present useful insight into user behaviour and productivity. How can we use data to determine learning strategies to meet changing business demands?

  • Identifying KPIs to effectively monitor progress
  • Applying data to measure learning impact and ROI assessment
  • Using analytics to determine diverse learning styles and preferences
  • How to develop data literacy within learning and development teams
  • Using cross-functional data to support the overall business strategy


Ruth Gertler

Exec Director Learning, Change Et Al


Chandrani Chakraborty

Group Head of Capability & Learning Strategies and Head of HR Asia, QBE

Betty Lau

Head, Talent, Learning & Development, APAC, CBRE

Professor Misiek Piskorski

Dean of IMD SEA and Professor of Strategy and Innovation, IMD Business School

Jeanette Tan

Deputy Director, Digital Academy, GovTech Singapore

1:15 pm
2:05 pm

CASE STUDY: Curating tailored content to promote engagement

Keeping employees engaged continues to be a key priority for organisations today. How can we select and create content that is engaging and valuable to improve knowledge retention?

  • Strategies to curate and offer diverse content to promote a culture of self-learning
  • Creating learning recommendations across multiple platforms for non-linear career paths
  • Using employee feedback to improve content
  • Enabling employees to be recognised and rewarded for their contribution and learning achievements         
Dr. Jennifer Tan

Vice President, Head of Learning Technology and Design, OCBC Bank

2:50 pm

PANEL: Learning in 2021 and beyond

As we anticipate a future workforce that is increasingly skills-based, how can learning and development leaders prepare and equip teams to meet changing business demands accelerated by crises? 

  • How has Covid-19 reshaped how we approach learning?
  • Succession planning for a diverse workforce
  • Preparing for the next generation of the workforce and the gig economy
  • Creating a culture of lifelong learning beyond the classroom


Vicky Knight

Associate Dean of International Programmes, BPP University School of Business


Karina Cuello

APAC Future Skills Head, JLL

Jose Raphael Ibarra

Global Head of Learning and Development, DHL Global Forwarding

Joanna Maneckji

Global Lead, Learning Consulting, Design & Development, Philips

Devayani Tilak Sengupta

Director – Regional Head of Executive and Leadership Development APAC, Credit Suisse

3:30 pm
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